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Australia Student Spouse Visa


International students studying in Australia are eligible to apply visa for their dependents under visa subclass 500. As per the visa policy for spouse of a student visa holder Australia you can apply for dependent visa for your spouse and children.

You can apply visa for your spouse and children along with your student visa application or can apply for their visas as a subsequent entrant under student visa subclass 500.

On a student dependent visa to Australia a person can work for any employer. As a dependent you are allowed to work for 40 hours fortnightly. If the spouse is studying Masters or a doctoral degree then there is no restriction on the number of hours a dependent can work. You may choose to work any number of hours. There is absolutely no requirement of any kind of job offer. There are plenty of job opportunities available which you can avail while in Australia on your dependent visa based on your spouse. You gain valuable Australian work experience along with staying close to your family members.

The duration and validity of dependent spouse visa will be usually the same as the student visa. It is very important to provide information about all your present dependents while applying for student visa . If you have any of the dependents whose information was not provided during your study permit application there will be problem with their applications. The exception is only with the persons who became your dependents after your application was filed.

Australia is a great place to study and work and providing ample opportunities to the spouse and dependent children. To avail all these opportunities one needs to be very careful while applying for the Australia spouse visa. If the main applicant has got student visa that does not mean spouse will also definitely get the visa. There is a policy and one needs to apply with proper documentation and evidence for the spouse visa application to be successful. Even a minor carelessness with the documentation can result in refusal of the visa forcing you to stay away from your family . Every case is different and one needs to provide paperwork according to his circumstances. Your need the services of a qualified and an experienced Australia spouse visa consultant who knows the rules for spouse visa and can provide you with a tailored checklist based on your profile. Apply through licensed and regulated consultants for hassle free visa services.

Success in Australia spouse visa subclass 500 depends on fulfilling policy conditions. So you or your consultants should have thorough knowledge of policy and conditions, not understanding or fulfilling even a single condition may result in refusal of your spouse visa. You need to be sure and check your eligibility before applying your Australia dependent spouse visa. But if you do not choose and apply for right kind of visa, it will result in delay and ultimately refusal of your Australia spouse visa.